Re: I deserve a Nobel!


Damadian was robbed. He invented the MRI machine, patented the process, and the original prototype still exists in Ohio.

And the guys who perfected it get the recognition. Truly pathetic. The prize can go 3 ways. There are precedents.

Posted by: cioxx | Link to this comment | 10-10-03 5:37 PM
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Sorry Bob. Was using tar-ZHAY during a stint in Utah of all places, circa 1986. It's a French class thing to do--add an accent to the second vowel and skip the final consonant. The only exlanation I can think of is that, with all of the sexually repressed but hip and whip smart Mormons I was hanging around with, we had nothing better to do than coin smartass phrases.

Had you said 1979 however...

Posted by: chris | Link to this comment | 10-13-03 12:28 AM
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