Re: What?


Good me: how sad. good luck in rehab

bad me: there's some cool electronica to be made with this soundbite.

Posted by: fontana labs | Link to this comment | 10-10-03 4:00 PM
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I really do not understand the story. My 80 year old mother has spinal stenosis, has chronic sever pain and takes 2 X 20 mg Oxycontin a day.

Is she an addict? If she stopped taking it and she got over the withdrawl phase she would be in intense pain and would have to go back. At this point, its a permanent feature of her life.

OTOH, and like him or not, Rush is a lot more coherent than Mom, who is definitely spaced out much of the time.

What I do not understand about Rush's situation is his current physical status. Is he still sufferring from chronic pain? I wish him well.

Posted by: Robert Schwartz | Link to this comment | 10-11-03 4:02 PM
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