Re: 5 Course Meals Near the Toll Booth


Back in the days of the late and very unlamented 55 mph speed limit I used to have the same paranoid fantasy myself, and I reached the same conclusion.

BTW, the toll roads hereabouts always have enough construction to slow your average speed down anyway.

Posted by: Robert Schwartz | Link to this comment | 10-22-03 7:51 PM
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The answer to your question depends on whether you think people speed to save time or for the thrill of going 90 mph. Only in the latter time would I drive-and-pee. (There's some very unpleasant imagery that comes with typing that.) I would simply choose not to use a road with that enforcement mechanism if I was in hurry, given an alternative road was available.

Posted by: kb | Link to this comment | 10-23-03 2:07 PM
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