Re: Camille


you 1, me 0: you suckered me into wasting five minutes of my life reading Camille Paglia. And this from someone who didn't mind clicking on the Hagar links. Is there any claim in that interview that's both original and true?

Posted by: fontana labs | Link to this comment | 10-29-03 11:33 AM
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Hey, no guilt for blogging!

Here's one claim: that Bush is pitiful rather than hateable. I don't agree, but it's an interesting point. Is that 15%? Probably not, but I enjoy her bomb-throwing.

Posted by: ogged | Link to this comment | 10-29-03 12:45 PM
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I guess I'd give her 5 to 10% for the bombs she threw at Madonna. Yes, of course it's basically silly -- but there's a kernel of truth to her observation about Madonna's refusing to age gracefully and probably more than a kernel of truth to her characterization of Madonna and child.

Posted by: Invisible Adjunct | Link to this comment | 10-29-03 5:27 PM
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