Re: Fully Automatic UBS


Ahh haa haa haa! What a funny thing! Not a bad idea, really. Just funny.

(I will not be the first person to say something about the stained drawers. I will not.)

Posted by: girl27 | Link to this comment | 11- 7-03 12:17 PM
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Too late.

Posted by: ogged | Link to this comment | 11- 7-03 12:22 PM
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Oh, Ogged, I never told you about hiking in Denali for several days, during which time we had to boil our underwear to clean it? It was not my idea -no, that particular piece of cleverness goes to my partner-in-crime (you know who) on several wacky adventures, who had used this way of coping with the problem while traveling in Russia. Actually, the method worked very well.

Posted by: | Link to this comment | 11- 8-03 9:39 AM
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Boiling undies in a pot over a flame in Denali: rugged & respectable. Boiling undies in a shiny contraption that looks more sophisticated and expensive than most appliances: makes me wonder.

Posted by: ogged | Link to this comment | 11- 8-03 9:45 AM
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I'm an ignorant pig! The answer, apparently, (or one answer, now that I know I'm ignorant) is that boiling fights yeast infections, which might otherwise re-infect the wearer.

Posted by: ogged | Link to this comment | 11- 8-03 10:45 AM
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One of the interesting tidbits I picked up living in England is they don't understand how we can was our sheets and stuff in cold water. Their washers have an additional heater to really get the water hot for sheets and undies. They think it is a sanitation issue. I never expected that.

Posted by: Tripp | Link to this comment | 11-11-03 1:36 PM
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Cold water + the miracle of modern chemicals = clean skivvies. I'm not sure heat has any effect, other than to make the British feel superior.

Posted by: ogged | Link to this comment | 11-11-03 1:51 PM
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