Re: AmeriPAC is really worked up about net neutrality


You need to close a tag.

I think the problem is with:

<a href='

Posted by: NickS | Link to this comment | 12-20-10 2:51 PM
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Right, it's not needing to close a tag, it's needing to replace "'" with '"'.

Posted by: nosflow | Link to this comment | 12-20-10 3:03 PM
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I started writing that comment before I'd actually looked at the HTML.

Though, honestly, I looked at the source because I couldn't figure out what unclosed tag would cause the next post title to disappear.

Posted by: NickS | Link to this comment | 12-20-10 3:15 PM
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Feds Seize Domain Names

I forget how I came across this, since I know nothing nothing about bittorrent. Vague rumours, like smoke signals on the horizon, are that the torrent community is in terror.

b) The Assange/Wikilieaks stuff. Not even indicted, and megacorps are cutting Wikileaks off? If B of A/Visa/Amazon/etc can cut them out of the economic system without due process at Obama's whim and will, they can do it to anybody.

The process of turning the Internets into an instrument of social control is underway. It will not be Big Brother, the Hegemon is subtle and malicious. Carrot and stick, and mostly threat, will keep the surfers from making waves. The insurgents will become invisible.

And should a Black Swan happen, Big Brother is a keypunch away.

Posted by: bob mcmanus | Link to this comment | 12-20-10 3:15 PM
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Your comment is delightful in every way, bob.

Posted by: nosflow | Link to this comment | 12-20-10 3:22 PM
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This Black Swan is welcome to happen any day of the week, as far as I'm concerned.

Posted by: Jackmormn | Link to this comment | 12-20-10 3:25 PM
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Barack Obama has a "Christmas present" for YOU.

Christmas?! Oh, man. That *is* rich.

Posted by: Stanley | Link to this comment | 12-20-10 3:39 PM
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I note that Wikileaks is still there.

Posted by: Alex | Link to this comment | 12-20-10 4:49 PM
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And, of course, Julian Assange is on the out.

Posted by: Alex | Link to this comment | 12-20-10 4:51 PM
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i'm a lot more worried about comcast than i am about wikileaks

Posted by: yoyo | Link to this comment | 12-20-10 9:27 PM
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Speaking of Wikileaks, I just noticed that a fuller story on the rape accusations came out in the Guardian recently. Given that I was all doubtful about what he'd actually been accused of, I should say that the accusations look like something perfectly reasonable to prosecute to me. (Still with the he-said she-said difficulty of proof, and he's innocent until proven guilty, but I'm not looking at the story and thinking that it describes conduct that shouldn't be prosecuted.)

Posted by: LizardBreath | Link to this comment | 12-22-10 3:01 PM
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Rasmussen just put out a poll that is being headlined "80% of Americans oppose Net Neutrality"--when I saw it I thought "omg--really?"

The actual question they asked: "Should the Federal Communications Commission regulate the Internet like it does radio and television?" Which probably got a lot of people thinking about losing their porn access. The following questions are even worse, but then it's Rasmussen.

Posted by: Julie | Link to this comment | 01- 1-11 2:14 PM
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