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Future spam bots will ask you if you have lost weight or ever considered being a model.

Posted by: rob helpy-chalk | Link to this comment | 01-17-11 6:26 AM
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They're getting quite clever, aren't they. Not going to pass any Turing tests this year, but, five years time, who knows?

Is a reasonable input an output from an AI object interfacing with another, or what?

Posted by: chris y | Link to this comment | 01-17-11 6:28 AM
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Eerily similar to the output of my mcmanus-replacer.

Posted by: Sifu Tweety | Link to this comment | 01-17-11 6:38 AM
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Are you suggesting that Bob wouldn't pass a Turing test?

Posted by: chris y | Link to this comment | 01-17-11 6:52 AM
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For sale: One fuzzy logic processor. Will accept any reasonable inputs.

Posted by: Ginger Yellow | Link to this comment | 01-17-11 6:57 AM
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If I was that kind of person, I'd probably now go to some Singularity blog and start leaving weirdly coherent fake spambot comments.

("Your Bayesian probability calculations are off by about seven orders of *viagra viagra viagra*.")

Posted by: Awl | Link to this comment | 01-17-11 7:09 AM
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Comment Z = "X to Y." where X NE Y NE Z & X

Posted by: Opinionated Robot | Link to this comment | 01-17-11 8:09 AM
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Posted by: foolishmortal | Link to this comment | 01-17-11 8:12 AM
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A current trend seems to encouraging readers to think "maybe I should check this commenter's blog out," and then their link is to spam. I got one on a post of mine asking permission to repost portions of it.

Posted by: Minivet | Link to this comment | 01-17-11 8:53 AM
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Relevant xkcd 1, 2.

Posted by: Neil the Ethical Werewolf | Link to this comment | 01-17-11 10:41 AM
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If I get a comment on my blog that's complimentary, then I can pretty reliably assume it's spam.

Posted by: Walt Someguy | Link to this comment | 01-17-11 11:28 AM
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Just got this spam comment: "If you don't mind me asking, just what are you using to stop spam comments? I noticed your blog is good and totally free from all the spam bots leaving comments. I have got another website myself, and I just like to keep responses open so I do not have to come on and approve them all the time, however the spam plugins I have experimented with usually are failing to prevent even the most obvious and simple spam comments. Is there anything reasonable out there that does a good job or is my only hope to keep them moderated or just simply close them all together? Thanks, Emerita Woodal"

I think its cute that the spam bots are now politely inquiring about how they can better spam our comments.

Posted by: Spike | Link to this comment | 01-17-11 11:50 AM
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Although, I really don't see why spam bots don't do a better job of posting stolen comments scraped from other, similar blogs on related topics.

Posted by: Spike | Link to this comment | 01-17-11 11:52 AM
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Soon, more convincing spam will shame you for leaving the house with your children and ruining it for everyone.

Posted by: Mister Smearcase | Link to this comment | 01-17-11 12:09 PM
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Yeah but fucking Obama just put that anti-tr0lling regulation into motion, so in the future anti-spambot measure will be easier

Posted by: yoyo | Link to this comment | 01-17-11 12:36 PM
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Posted by: dfag | Link to this comment | 01-17-11 11:21 PM
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Obligatory Neal Stephenson:

Posted by: ajay | Link to this comment | 01-18-11 1:56 AM
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