Re: I Wanna Get Your Band


It's hard to evaluate claims that Norwegian Wood is the only decent song in the Beatles catalogue. First hypothesis: you are a space alien. Second hypothesis: catatrophic failure of reference. It would help the analysis if we knew what music you do like...

Posted by: baa | Link to this comment | 11-21-03 6:55 AM
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I'm not really making a claim, just giving a bit of background. In fact, I believe that I really am missing something and want people to fill me in.

Posted by: ogged | Link to this comment | 11-21-03 7:40 AM
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It's weird, isn't it, when art that earns the adulation of respectable judges leaves one cold. (I have the same response to Jazz. Everyone crows over it. But to me, it sounds like noodling around). I would guess that that you have an entire set of aesthetic prefernences that rules the Beatles out. That's why I asked what other music you like. If right now you're listening to "At the Hop" by Danny and the Juniors, not liking the Beates is less explicable.

Posted by: baa | Link to this comment | 11-22-03 7:52 AM
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You're hearing them out of context of time. And you've done so all your life.

This is a not uncommon problem in appreciating many works of art, science, and culture.

Posted by: Gary Farber | Link to this comment | 11-23-03 12:58 AM
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You're right Gary, but I was hoping someone would fill me in on the relevant context. And there are people of my generation who think the Beatles are great.

Posted by: ogged | Link to this comment | 11-23-03 1:40 PM
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I bet I'm of ogged's generation, and I find the Beatles a great band. Again, though, until we know what ogged likes, it's hard to give a diagnosis.

Posted by: baa | Link to this comment | 11-24-03 6:51 AM
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