Re: I'm OK, You're Gay


Am I wrong in thinking that we still don't know exactly what causes some people to be homosexual, some heterosexual and some bisexual? With it being an open question, it seems natural for conservatives, opposed to the granting of the special rights often accorded to those stigmatized at the genetic level (by race, handicap, etc.), to argue that it is a matter of choice. And its natural for liberals to argue that it's genetic. However, we just don't know, so we can't look down on either side for their position.

I think there's a good reason also for conservatives to look on homosexuality as genetic -- if it's a choice, then it must be part of everyone which we simply turn away from. I don't imagine that would sit well...

And frankly I have to question the idea that someone can be physically female but genetically programmed to feel like a male homosexual. What does that mean anyway? It's hard to believe that culture and choice are not big factors in this person's case.

Posted by: Magik Johnson | Link to this comment | 04- 8-03 12:49 AM
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