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Phew. For a minute there I thought you'd replaced the original.

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Wait, that's what the little black kid is saying?!

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This is even better if you set it to one of the beats you created in Figure.

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Deadthread so here. Classics!

On reading the Kokinshu in "facing page"

azusayumi I bend and draw
oshite harusame my bow of catalpa wood.
ky├┤ furinu Would it rain again
asu sae furaba tomorrow like it rained today,
wakana tsumitemu we shall go pick the young greens.

Uh no, it's "catalpa bow (I) bend and draw." I am really getting annoyed with Western translators fucking with the syntax, as if the order and presentation of the words isn't important to poetry


Aria the anime series had three seasons (13-26-13) and an OVA. Aria takes place on a terraformed Mars in the distant future in a recreated Venice, and is about the experiences of women gondoliers (3 vets, 3 apprentices) entertaining the tourist trade from a ruined Earth. A classic, it is considered an inexpressibly beautiful relaxing, sweet gentle trifle.

Oh, 75% of the show takes place on or near calm water, and almost all of those shots, scenes, images contain the city sky people and their reflections. Or just the reflections.

Season Two (26 episodes) is considered the weakest, because "nothing happens." But every episode is intensely about how a person encounters, understands, relates to things, places, other people as reflections of the self, and how a dynamic of self-adjustment and acceptance and appreciation of the environment provides growth peace and beauty.

And in hundreds of commentary pages on the Internet, I have yet to find one writer who can look past narrative character action to see what is right there on the screen. It is not as if the concepts of the "other" and openness are unknown in the West, so it doesn't require Orientalism.

What does an "image" of stars and full moon on still water mean? How does it feel? Is it real?

Aria is indeed very "nice." It is also deeper and more profound than a thousand tragedies. It is also a reflection.


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Aria's Neo-Venezia is obviously an intentional community, a utopia (with elements of Arcadia?). Advanced technology is ubiquitous but not obstrusive:wind power generators, spaceships, weather modifying balloons, skycycles. There are laptops, but no radios, televisions, cellphones.

And the urban mode of transport is human-powered gondolas.


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