Re: Superpowers? Or, Who Has to Clean The Floor in The Holodeck


Let's all think of Sean Young in skin tight rubber while forgetting that the suit was to process feces, urine, and sweat in to drinking water. Because that's just disgusting and completely impossible as sweat doesn't cool you if it doesn't evaporate.

Posted by: Moby Hick | Link to this comment | 02-21-14 8:33 AM
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I can lucid dream. I developed the ability all of a sudden one night. I was having a nightmare, and I overheard the part of my brain deciding what terrible thing would happen next. Ever since then I can always hear it, and I can override whatever it decides.

Posted by: Walt Someguy | Link to this comment | 02-21-14 8:36 AM
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"They have sex with whoever they want their clone."

Posted by: apostropher | Link to this comment | 02-21-14 8:43 AM
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I used to lucid dream, but haven't for years, and not terribly satisfyingly. I knew I was dreaming, and could control some stuff, but not effortlessly or all that interestingly.

Posted by: LizardBreath | Link to this comment | 02-21-14 8:46 AM
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I have very lucid dreams where I have a great degree of control (usually) over what happens. A couple of nights ago I had a very vivid dream I was turned into a vampire so I went and got lost in the twisty maze of tunnels under Moscow so that by the time I found my way out all the people I love would be dead and I couldn't eat them.

Posted by: togolosh | Link to this comment | 02-21-14 8:47 AM
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That's a pretty common one. It means you want to have sex with Putin watching you.

Posted by: Moby Hick | Link to this comment | 02-21-14 8:48 AM
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Posted by: OPINIONATED KIM YU-NA | Link to this comment | 02-21-14 9:17 AM
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I am bad at remembering my dreams, but I seem to have about 2 or 3 good lucid dreams per month. I used to get REALLY ANNOYED about dreams where I had to kill someone, but I would just keep pulling the trigger and nothing would happen, so I rewrote that part of my traumnovel so that I get to shoot people EFFECTIVELY now. Also, since Waking Life, I've been pretty good about bringing my consciousness into dreams by the old "does the lightswitch work?" expedient.

For me, flying dreams with the Karo syrup effect are actually one of my favorites, where I'm running and then each step gets longer and longer until I can basically run in the air without ever touching the ground. These dreams are often hyperrealistic (or, actually, something closer to the original meaning of "surreal") otherwise, which makes them a lot more fun. Bit of a let-down when I wake up from them though.

Posted by: Natilo Paennim | Link to this comment | 02-21-14 9:27 AM
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I'm fairly sure I'm still a pacifist in my dreams. I hadn't realized that was so unusual.

Posted by: Thorn | Link to this comment | 02-21-14 9:30 AM
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I am able to change the outcomes in my (truly horrific) Baby-O-themed anxiety dreams/nightmares.

Posted by: oudemia | Link to this comment | 02-21-14 9:32 AM
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The trouble I have during lucid dreaming is that I know it's a dream, I know what I want to happen (usually "not dying" or "not being tortured horribly", occasionally flying) but I have trouble believing that my dream preferences should override the natural outlines of the dream. So my mental state is always basically "...and I discover that I do have bus fare....but wait, that's just what I want to happen, the narrative logic of the dream demands that I should miss the bus and get eaten by monsters and since bad things always happen, it's silly and self-serving to pretend that any good can come of this". So I have weird switches back and forth between having the bus fare/ shooting the gun/being able to fly/remembering to wear pants and....not. I would probably lucid dream more effectively if I had confidence in my own desires.

Posted by: Frowner | Link to this comment | 02-21-14 9:37 AM
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Actually, one of my favorite dreams was one where I got shot. It was very brief and basic, just getting mugged by some random guy, who shot me, and as I felt the bullet hit me I had this very strong sense of letting go and liberation, that basically I had no worries now and I could be at one with everything. It was very pleasant.

Posted by: Natilo Paennim | Link to this comment | 02-21-14 9:46 AM
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I exclusively lucid dream about playing free-flowing sports without clock stoppages - soccer, hockey, and ultimate frisbee. The game feels like it's in slow motion and I can see the whole tapestry of where each player is and where everyone's going to cut. In real life I prefer basketball and football but I guess those don't lend themselves as well to dreaming.

Posted by: dz | Link to this comment | 02-21-14 9:49 AM
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12: I died in a dream once - falling elevator - and had the sensation of continued consciousness, but no sensory stimulation whatsoever.

I woke up as I started to become cognizant of the horror of the situation.

I've come to realize that I'm an atheist because I'm an optimist. All the likely alternatives seem awful.

Posted by: politicalfootball | Link to this comment | 02-21-14 10:18 AM
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Secondarily I can find weapons. This is good. I mean, it's part and parcel of things being bad, in that I need weapons, but when the thing starts happening I can say to myself, "there's a shotgun in the next room and dammit there's a box of shells!" and indeed there will be a shotgun leaning in the corner, safe and bluish.

Been playing too many old first person shooters?

Posted by: chris y | Link to this comment | 02-21-14 10:31 AM
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I always tend to think that the things that people say about their dreams are usually some post-facto reconstruction based on a few random images they recall when waking. Is there any way to be truly convinced that lucid dreaming happens?

Posted by: essear | Link to this comment | 02-21-14 11:02 AM
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16: You can still control your eye movements when dreaming.

Posted by: Eggplant | Link to this comment | 02-21-14 11:04 AM
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1. dude, they've got mutated third-stage guild navigators who can fold space. let's cut them some future-tech slack and say we can let them have the stillsuits. however, in Dune it does explicitly mention that when paul and his mom get to the fremen stronghold at first, it smells unbelievably bad. and like 10 drillion dollars worth of life-extending, mind-enhacing spice, but bad.

15: I've never played even one FPS! I'm just stuck with a lot of zombies IRL. ISleepingL. and murderers. and...not vampires, actually! other things/people who want to kill me.

Posted by: alameida | Link to this comment | 02-21-14 8:17 PM
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18.1: But they went into a whole bunch of stuff about folding space and the spice. If you're going to violate the laws of thermodynamics, I think you owe the reader a bit more than "filters clean your poo and sweat."

Posted by: Moby Hick | Link to this comment | 02-21-14 8:46 PM
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11: I often do have this very problem, but was not having this problem at all mid-dream on geidi prime, which was why I was so surprised/pleased with my brain. go brain!

Posted by: alameida | Link to this comment | 02-22-14 8:24 AM
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I had some hella violent dreams last night. But then they ended with me sparing the life of an FBI agent whose hand I had just mangled in a door. Don't know what that was about!

Posted by: Natilo Paennim | Link to this comment | 02-22-14 8:45 AM
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Last night I was shooting a lot of people (as part of an army at war, but still), and after they had surrendered, I took for myself several of the packaged meals that had been heated and passed out to them.

Posted by: Minivet | Link to this comment | 02-22-14 10:44 AM
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I dreamed I was looking for a 1/8" diameter by 1/2" screw, not a wood screw, to fix a door lock. Had to be brass. Piles and piles and drawers of screws all mixed up. Also:moving monitors and old CRTs around on a small desk. The two took hours. People would come by to kibitz. It was a very vivid dream.

Posted by: bob mcmanus | Link to this comment | 02-22-14 12:52 PM
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Best line from dream last night: "Look, don't worry. People make a lot of fuss about brain surgery, but it's really one of the easier sorts of surgery." (Said to me in order to reassure me as I scrubbed up and prepared for theatre.)

Posted by: ajay | Link to this comment | 02-25-14 4:01 AM
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