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So, Shahs of Sunset season 4 looks pretty amazing.

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Was I taken for a spambot there, or...?

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Oh, weird. I couldn't seem comment 1 even after reloading, so I assumed it had been deleted.

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Y'all are missing out on a funny link. The Times' policy is a little bit understandable and a lot bizarre. There seems to be a bit of inside joke/competition to make the most ridiculous circumlocutions.

Posted by: ogged | Link to this comment | 03- 5-15 9:02 AM
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That just made me want to swear. Give me the fucking Guardian any bloody day.

Posted by: asilon | Link to this comment | 03- 5-15 12:15 PM
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I think it's really fascinating to see how the particular euphemisms and circumlocutions get deployed. Adjectival "fucking" is essentially always a joke. Racial epithets (though let's be honest, it's probably just the one) get awkwardly called out as such. Book reviewers just want to point out how naughty their reading is, apparently. Sportswriters are going for colorful color. What I found most interesting were cases where I couldn't be sure what word was intended, though their must have just been one or it would have been a string of epithets.

What's up with the Shahs, Merganser? Has this season started yet? That's probably the only Bravo reality group show I'm willing to watch with Lee at this point because I keep talking back to the screen during Real Housewives of Atlanta and have permanently excused myself. ([Expletive] Phaedra and her sanctimonious stuff about not knowing how to explain to her children that their formerly imprisoned felon dad is now a currently imprisoned felon, get the heck out of here except I wouldn't even say "heck.")

Posted by: Thorn | Link to this comment | 03- 5-15 1:19 PM
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What's reality TV for if not talking to the screen? We watch Shahs and RHoBH, but I can barely stand the latter at this point. Eileen and Lisa R are great additions, but Brandi is so fucked up in general, and her "friendship" with Kim is sad and actually gives me sympathy for Kyle, which I didn't think possible. Anyway, Shahs! First episode of the new season aired. They had a preview-of-the-new-season montage at the end that made things look pretty intense and amazing. The new character/participant Asifa is awful, but probably in an entertaining love-to-hate-her way? Glad to see Lily gone, but I will miss her adorable little pup Coconut. Asa drives me bonkers with her new age bullshit but I love her mother. Mike is so much of a mess he makes GG seem normal. And Reza and MJ are, of course, still doing their thing.

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Y'all are missing out on a funny link.


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Dead thread;fun with japanese

Watching a popular romance anime/manga

"僕等がいた" "Bokura ga Ita" translated or American title "We Were There"

And I'm going WTF it's "ga" instead "of wa;" "ita" is just "were" and Japanese has a fine word "soukou" "soko" for "there". Assume long o's. "Bokura wa soko ita" (or asoko "over there")

Web discussions abound; most really suck.

1) "ita" is not quite or always exactly "were" there is a sense of continuing action or state;existence;state;condition

2) "ga" marks the object of a sentence, not the subject/actor. In this case, it makes "ita" intransitive. Can English do an intransitive copula? In any case it is not transitive "we were taking steps to be" but "God/fate/conditions made us to be"

3) There is no "there" there

One guy tried "Our Existence" or "Our Fate" but there is no possessive and there is a fine word for "fate"

One guy tried "We Were Like" which feels closer; "The Way We Were" would be another attempt.


Posted by: bob mcmanus | Link to this comment | 03- 6-15 6:25 PM
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After episode 22...Bokura ga Ita is magnificent. By acclaim of those who know anime and have taste. As a psychological narrative...okay it's just a High School Romance, triangle quadrangle, schmalz, kitsch, corny, sentimental, whatever. But it is done brilliantly. Mangaka is Yuki Ogata, anime director Akitaro Daichi (Fruits Basket, Now and Then, Here and There)

I am getting freaked out, obsessed, nervous breakdown level attention to anime direction, cinematography, editing. Honest to fucking god, I watch the artiest live action, and Bergman, Tarkovsky, Antonioni don't make the consistent and ubiquitous radical choices anime uses in the most ordinary narratives. I need to know how it works.

Part of it is not so simply that anime and manga are in longterm conversation and exchange style. Bokura incidentally is considered pretty weakly drawn compared to its writing.

Bokura V6 C22 P11 right, down the middle, back to top left, and then imagine it put onscreen, with color, exactly* (okay expanded with background to make a video frame) as you see it on the page. Understand how much is left out by Hollywood continuity standards. Then let me see, 6 frames is about 1 sec of anime, multiply to 23 minutes.

Nobody does live action direction like that. Nobody ever has. Everybody still says Godard was radical to show only one side of a conversation in Breathless, and it isn't done very much to this day.

*I exaggerate. The director does add a lot to fill time, but has kept much of the same style of empty space, unjustified cuts/shots, dialogue without faces, etc.


Posted by: bob mcmanus | Link to this comment | 03- 7-15 7:35 AM
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Another Page

The screen just as you see the page, 4 shots, the director would fill time by holding shots for a few seconds, full screen eye and nose, bubbles, dialogue on empty white.

Why the hell is live action, and Japanese live-action ain't much better than Western, so horribly consistently visually conservative and boring?

Posted by: bob mcmanus | Link to this comment | 03- 7-15 7:54 AM
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"C'était Nous" is the French title of "Bokura ga Ita"

Anime stops halfway, at a logical place, a five year timeskip. Reading the 2nd half of the manga online, and it is terrific. I never know how feminists read, but a lot of women like it.

Thinking about melodrama, about formal excess in representation, because in part that is what the manga is about. Maybe a very large part.

Posted by: bob mcmanus | Link to this comment | 03- 8-15 12:54 PM
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