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Re: Further Oathkeeper developments


I doubt this epiphany will propagate much.

Posted by: Minivet | Link to this comment | 08-18-15 10:47 AM
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This is strangely heartwarming?

Posted by: Eggplant | Link to this comment | 08-18-15 11:32 AM
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Or maybe I'm so used to associating militia types and gun nuts with white supremacy that I'm overreacting. But this could be important, right? Thinking in terms of the Black Panthers and gun control in Reagan's California, but perhaps pushing against the occupying force police paradigm, this time.

Posted by: Eggplant | Link to this comment | 08-18-15 11:39 AM
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"The first thing I would say is 'Black Lives Matter.' The second thing I would say is that the Oath Keepers are there to protect your rights. We care about you, regardless of all the lies that the media and some other instigators have tried to propagate. Black lives matter, we care about you, we love you and we are there to protect you," said Andrew.
"We love the people of Ferguson and they deserve to be protected and the St. Louis County police is not doing the job."

Posted by: ogged | Link to this comment | 08-18-15 11:52 AM
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Right? Better than any Dem candidate.

Posted by: Eggplant | Link to this comment | 08-18-15 11:56 AM
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Just watch them show up at the next Bernie Sanders rally.

Posted by: Barry Freed | Link to this comment | 08-18-15 12:05 PM
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Guns, the cause of and solution to all of life's problems.

Posted by: Moby Hick | Link to this comment | 08-18-15 12:07 PM
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Once a gundouche, always a gundouche. Ask that guy about the Trilateral Commission, Ayn Rand or Area 51.

Posted by: Flippanter | Link to this comment | 08-18-15 1:04 PM
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I like that they reported that basically the entire meeting was black people telling them "no seriously if we walk around carrying assault rifles the police will absolutely kill us". If fifty black people agreed to try it anyway those people have enormous balls, even with a bunch of white gun nuts trying to protect them from the police.

Posted by: MHPH | Link to this comment | 08-18-15 2:23 PM
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I also wonder how much of the Oathkeeper decision to do this resulted from the shock of showing up to "prevent looting" only to discover that no seriously the police really were basically attacking peaceful civilians in the streets.

Posted by: MHPH | Link to this comment | 08-18-15 2:24 PM
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10: The peaceful ones chucking bottles and bricks or the peaceful young man who sprayed rounds at the cops with a stolen handgun?

Posted by: gswift | Link to this comment | 08-18-15 8:59 PM
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From Gawker: Separately, Mayo and Andrews both spoke almost wistfully about an idea that the Oath Keepers had discussed with simpatico Ferguson protesters last week: What if a group of Oath Keepers and a group of armed black activists all stood together on West Florissant in defiance of the cops? "We get 10 activists with concealed-carry permits, and we get 10 Oath Keepers, and we alternate them side-by-side," said Andrews, blustery as ever. "I'll provide the AR-15s, and we stand in front of the police and go, 'What now? What now, bitches?'" http://gawker.com/whose-side-are-the-oath-keepers-in-ferguson-on-1723917237

Does make it sound like a currently isolated, sudden,and non-organizationally representative bubbling of empathetic solidarity, but who knows. Might turn into something more.

Posted by: Ile | Link to this comment | 08-19-15 3:04 AM
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Nice to know you're still up for defending the gentle professionalism and morally upstanding honesty of the Ferguson PD gswift.

Posted by: MHPH | Link to this comment | 08-19-15 5:38 AM
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