Re: White Chocolate City


How about some time in February instead?

Posted by: nosflow | Link to this comment | 11-30-15 1:16 PM
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Late March works better for me.

Posted by: Thorn | Link to this comment | 11-30-15 1:26 PM
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y'all got to work with me here, people. I'll be back in july...

Posted by: alameida | Link to this comment | 11-30-15 1:29 PM
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Last time I was in D.C., all I got to see was pandas.

Posted by: Moby Hick | Link to this comment | 11-30-15 1:33 PM
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That's so great that treatment is working out well for your mother.

Posted by: LizardBreath | Link to this comment | 11-30-15 1:49 PM
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Yes. It is.

Posted by: Moby Hick | Link to this comment | 11-30-15 1:53 PM
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Hope your mom keeps doing well!

Jackie's in Silver Spring has a pretty roomy bar and is a pleasant place. I've been to Republic in Takoma, liked it, but likely crowded. Personally I could join 9ish on Friday, more flexible Saturday.

Posted by: lw | Link to this comment | 11-30-15 1:53 PM
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I'm in for a DC area meetup.

Your last two lines. Killer.

I found out today that a friend/acquaintance had, as his sister put it on FB, "succeeded in drinking himself to death" this holiday. Among his survivors are his ex-wife and two children. He was a great guy when he was sober and clean.

Posted by: md 20/400 | Link to this comment | 11-30-15 1:58 PM
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I like the idea of the meetup and totally support the idea. That being said, there's a < 10 percent chance that I can make it. AISIMHB, real life is messy these days. Have fun, and maybe I'll be there in July. (Although we're also planning a trip in late June and I'd have to look up exactly when it ends...)

If people want suggestions of where to go around Silver Spring or the other places mentioned in the OP, the Quarry House is a fun place but would probably be crowded. Scion is a little further from Silver Spring and might be crowded too on a weekend like this, but probably not as crowded as Quarry House. I'm sure there are better options available somewhere or other but that's what comes to mind based on experience.

Posted by: Cyrus | Link to this comment | 11-30-15 2:29 PM
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A Saturday meetup would get me out of both a performance by an amateur chorus and a party with a bunch of strangers. Friday I can't do, unfortunately. Pretty much any location works for me.

Posted by: togolosh | Link to this comment | 11-30-15 2:54 PM
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I hope your mom does well. I am a doubtful, but a DC alameida meet up does interest me and I don't have any strong plans for Saturday.

Posted by: will | Link to this comment | 11-30-15 3:06 PM
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I was going to post all excitedly about a meetup but now I am teary about your mom. Wow. The small precious moments amidst the hard times can be unexpectedly powerful and sustaining, IME. So glad to hear you (collectively) are having some.


OK, now, about the meetup. Technically I am supposed to be headed home on Amtrak early Friday night, but I would definitely switch to a later-evening train for the chance to see invisible Internet friends. And happy to Metro it up (over? I don't understand DC geography) to Takoma or wherever if need be.

Unfortunately I can't stay until Saturday -- am taking my sobrinos to the theater (yay Sherlock Holmes).

Posted by: Witt | Link to this comment | 11-30-15 3:13 PM
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Very glad to hear how well your mom is doing.

Unlikely I can make the meetup (almost certainly not on Fri, a little more likely on Sat) but would like to and will try my best. Feel compelled to point out that having it at the Quarry House Tavern (as Cyrus suggests in 9) would provide a fine opportunity to resolve a stupid blog argument.

Posted by: potchkeh | Link to this comment | 11-30-15 4:52 PM
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Al, I've just missed you. I was back for the holiday, just a quick trip. I am so glad your mother is doing better than expected.

Posted by: ydnew | Link to this comment | 11-30-15 7:15 PM
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Ooh, a meetup! Saturday is better for me, but Friday is possible too.

Posted by: torrey pine | Link to this comment | 11-30-15 8:42 PM
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Great news about your mom, Al. Especially that she can come to see you.

Posted by: Penny | Link to this comment | 11-30-15 8:57 PM
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Indeed excellent news about your mom. May the improvement continue apace!

Posted by: chris y | Link to this comment | 12- 1-15 4:34 AM
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Good health news Yay! Looks like people are leaning toward Sat although some of those are also less than sure things. I would likely show on Fri; less likely but possible on Sat. Al, looks like you can make the call. Busboys or Quarry House, both equally good/bad/unknown to me as are most things in MD.

Posted by: bill | Link to this comment | 12- 1-15 8:46 AM
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I went with a friend to see the Internet Cat Film Festival at AFI and was surprised at how densely the area around the Takoma metro station has gotten.

That's great news about your mom, Al. Sorry I can't make it. I'd have asked about a meetup when I was in DC a few weeks ago but I was sick enough I didn't think I'd be up for it.

Posted by: | Link to this comment | 12- 1-15 9:46 AM
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19 was me.

Posted by: fake accent | Link to this comment | 12- 1-15 10:16 AM
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Glad to hear your good news, Alameida.

Posted by: Barry Freed | Link to this comment | 12- 1-15 1:47 PM
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Whoops, I have something for the 5th which I now see is Sat. So Fri late but not Sat for me instead.

Posted by: lw | Link to this comment | 12- 1-15 4:44 PM
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um, I think saturday seems more popular? though I will be sorry to not see witt? I'm going to baltimore tomorrow for a day of chemo and mri's and such, and I'll pronounce judgment as to place when I get back from JH.

Posted by: alameida | Link to this comment | 12- 1-15 7:58 PM
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Nah, Saturday is the clear winner. Bookmark me for July! I will await the liveblogging.

Posted by: Witt | Link to this comment | 12- 1-15 8:19 PM
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I'll have to hit my sister up for adderall so I can liveblog in the right spirit/have the energy to leave my bed. (having checked the spelling) wait, it's dextroamphetamine? how is that different from dexamphetamine, the little yellow pills beloved by all in the 1980s and by me in the 1990s, but not as much as all that, because I am fundamentally not about uppers? I like clearly have never taken enough ever. not that that's my MO anymore, just observing. I wonder if anyone with insomnia ever ends up hooked on speed? well, I can see that taking it to get through the next day when you didn't get any sleep and were exhausted, and taking more, and then running out of the valium you were using to get to sleep, you could get yourself in a bad way, prolly. welp, time to take some valium and go to sleep then, since I have to wake up at 5:30 and get driven to baltimore in a town car w000 living the dream!

Posted by: alameida | Link to this comment | 12- 1-15 8:41 PM
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re-reading that comment, it sounds like I'm getting wasted all the time which I am emphatically not. I take medicine prescribed to me, in the doses recommended, with a few minor exceptions like my mom has better migraine meds than I have here in the states so I take them now and then, and yeah adderall will get a sickly person out of bed in the morning. that's a little bit exactly warren zevon's description of his habits in the song "I'll sleep when I'm dead," but just trust me on this one. I've pushed my pain medication down to 1/4 of its highest dose through heroic measures. and did I just drink a quadruple bourbon on the rocks? no, I didn't. I had club soda.

Posted by: alameida | Link to this comment | 12- 1-15 8:47 PM
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god, why the fuck am I awake and commenting on the internet? I am really stupid sometimes. I'll die five times in candy crush and then retire.

Posted by: alameida | Link to this comment | 12- 1-15 8:48 PM
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