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Nice post.

About point (b), I'd just highlight how much arguments about the social effects of homosexuality (on kids, in this instance--in the military, for another) tend to attribute the harmful effects of homophobia to homosexuality.

Posted by: ogged | Link to this comment | 02-26-04 5:08 PM
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I was just thinking about this Anne-Fausto Sterling book, Sexing the Body, the thesis of which is that there is no single defining characteristic by which one could seperate all males from all femals. Not genitalia, not chromosomes, nor hormones. This seems to present a rather large problem to the Hate Amendment. How oh how are you going to prevent SSM when it is unclear what sex a percentage of the population is? What if a woman is married, but then finds out she has XY chromosomes, and dormant male genitalia inside her? These exceptions will definately prove the rule.

If you don't want to buy the book, Time magazine also has an article on the subject this month.

Posted by: Michael | Link to this comment | 02-26-04 8:46 PM
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