Re: Feivel Bielawski


So, having said all that, can we expect Brooks' next editorial to be about how gays are human too, that demonizing them as the Republicans are doing is the start of worse, and that, for good measure, the Southern strategy was a repulsive idea that should be disowned by all decent people, Republican or not?

Or am I to assume that viewing others as undermenschen is only bad when the others are you and your kind --- when they aren't you and your kind, well heck, it's just being accurate?

Posted by: Maynard Handley | Link to this comment | 02-28-04 4:12 PM
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Brooks has come in favor of gay marriage in the Times, Maynard. Although maybe Leo Strauss just told him to say that...

Posted by: baa | Link to this comment | 02-29-04 8:22 PM
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