Re: A Small Hate


People feel racist guilt about Wesley Morris? Wow. Even I don't feel guilty about him and I'm the guiltiest-feeling white person in a hundred square miles.

Posted by: Flippanter | Link to this comment | 07- 3-16 3:01 PM
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When did you move out of New York?

Posted by: Moby Hick | Link to this comment | 07- 3-16 3:38 PM
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Why did you make me read that?

Posted by: Heebie | Link to this comment | 07- 3-16 4:05 PM
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Because ogged hates white people.

Posted by: peep | Link to this comment | 07- 3-16 4:09 PM
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4 He's right to. We're contemptible.

Posted by: Barry Freed | Link to this comment | 07- 3-16 4:15 PM
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Being a film reviewer for the NYT, like being Arnold Rimmer, is both a crime and a punishment.

Posted by: ajay | Link to this comment | 07- 3-16 4:20 PM
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The degree of ignorance of the age ladder for female movie stars that he feigns is pretty ridiculous. "Oh, I love Kate Hudson but why is she not in this bikini-centric movie?"

Kate Hudson is 37, Blake Lively is 28. You need know nothing else.

Posted by: DaveLMA | Link to this comment | 07- 3-16 5:44 PM
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Beauty is youth, youth beauty,—that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

Posted by: teofilo | Link to this comment | 07- 3-16 6:12 PM
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I had to look up who Morris was. I'm also not sure who Blake Lively is. A Tom Swifty type?

Posted by: fake accent | Link to this comment | 07- 3-16 8:01 PM
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She was the one with the plantation fashion spread (or something), right?

Anyway, the trailer made the movie seem like a genuinely interesting* version of that kind of story. But it also made me think, "Shouldn't this woman be more buff for this role?" I mean, I get why she isn't, just that it was noticeable to me that she was being portrayed as kind of a badass, but didn't have the arms of a badass. Which I mean as a criticism of the industry/society, not Lively.

*or something

Posted by: JRoth | Link to this comment | 07- 4-16 5:53 AM
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