Re: Guest Post - Anti-PC Tweeter


Doesn't anyone on a university campus fill the crusty old dean's house with hard-boiled eggs anymore? Tie-dye the medical school faculty's robes and hoods for commencement? Reassemble a Citroen in the dining hall? Or is it self-reflexivity and denunciations all the way down?

Posted by: Flippanter | Link to this comment | 11- 7-16 8:20 AM
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No one's interested in this gripping tale of campus intrigue?

Posted by: President Automaton | Link to this comment | 11- 8-16 12:55 PM
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In an alternate timeline this post got 300+ comments and there was a 50 comment election results thread about how HRC handily won the election against that clown.

Posted by: Barry Freed | Link to this comment | 11-13-16 9:01 AM
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