Re: Thinking Fast And Slow: Side Note


The comment linked, written by Kahneman, is a master class in how to be upfront and coherent about how and why you were taken in by ultimately non-replicable research.

Posted by: Sifu Tweety | Link to this comment | 02-16-17 5:25 AM
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Perhaps ironically, in one of the chapters I'm supposed to have written up (almost done! really!), the subject is the fact that psych researchers are or at least were truly terrible about the issue of sample size.

Posted by: Nathan Williams | Link to this comment | 02-16-17 6:01 AM
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...researchers are or at least were truly terrible about the issue of sample size.

Definitely "are," not "were," and add to that a whole host of bad practices apart from sample size.

From an outside perspective, you might think the field is now totally consumed by the reliability/replicability crisis, but there are tons of researchers who are oblivious to the entire thing. In my anecdotal experience, the more senior they are, the more this tends to be true.

Posted by: real ffeJ annaH | Link to this comment | 02-16-17 6:06 AM
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Agree that Kahneman is gracious in admitting his error, but it's telling that he says he still "believes" in the studies and in the effect of priming.

I think there's another chapter in the book, about how people won't change their minds even in the face of empirical evidence.

Posted by: peep | Link to this comment | 02-16-17 7:25 AM
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indeed he did mention this

Posted by: Turgid Jacobian | Link to this comment | 02-16-17 7:00 PM
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