Re: Religion Of Peace, Little Brother


I never watch videos and I NEVER watch fight videos, but that was perfect. I think I posted here my experience intervening with younger kids ready to fight about a month ago, but it's a very weird feeling as an adult to want to do something and really not know what. I wonder if the kids filming actually were chagrined and learned anything. (I don't know whether middle-class kids make and watch fight videos, but man is it huge here. My daughter's teen relatives who are my facebook friends post almost solely about fight threats and videos, sex, and weed. It's so depressing.)

Posted by: Thorn | Link to this comment | 03-22-17 7:47 AM
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I never watch videos either but that was great.

Posted by: Barry Freed | Link to this comment | 03-22-17 8:58 AM
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And I don't think that I can enunciate this well but a million slightly different iterations of this exist and are the response to "well, if black lives matter, why doesn't anyone care about black-on-black crime?" The people who ask that question aren't spending any time in the communities where those conversations happen.

Posted by: Thorn | Link to this comment | 03-22-17 9:01 AM
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The male part of the dual Gui-sha was responsible for the sky and the female part for the earth. As the male was lazier than the female, there was too much earth and not enough sky. Gui-sha rectified this by squeezing the earth so that it protruded more into the sky to balance the proportions. The result was a wrinkled earth with mountains and valleys.

Posted by: Mossy Character | Link to this comment | 03-22-17 9:24 AM
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I never watch videos and I NEVER watch fight videos, but that was perfect.

That was great, and hard to watch -- not because anything bad happens but it's uncomfortable as everyone tries to figure out how to react.

But go earnestness!

Posted by: NickS | Link to this comment | 03-22-17 9:59 AM
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Did you see that the guy got some sort of commendation and showed up to the ceremony with the two fighters?

Posted by: JRoth | Link to this comment | 03-23-17 8:29 AM
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I hadn't seen that, JRoth, but I'm watching now.

Posted by: Thorn | Link to this comment | 03-24-17 7:18 AM
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Argh, this. I'm pretty sure from the way he talks that even though he looks like he does and is named Ibn Ali he's actually Christian, but who knows?

Posted by: Thorn | Link to this comment | 03-24-17 7:20 AM
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