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Posted by: Thorn | Link to this comment | 01- 9-18 9:17 AM
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I made a joke about how many kids could you take in a fight about a week before Newtown and I have sworn never to make such jokes again.
We did a similar drill at my kids' hockey practice. 5 coaches spread around the ice had to pass between each other and keep control with about 40 kids chasing the puck around. They eventually realized (the point of the drill) that they should stop chasing the puck and start covering the coaches, but not until after one of them had tripped a coach and made her bruise her knee which is guess is another style of play.

Posted by: SP | Link to this comment | 01- 9-18 9:51 AM
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Two others:

The Liverpool one has the downside that the adults clearer aren't trying their hardest, but the upside that the kids are damn talented.

Posted by: Unfoggetarian: "Pause endlessly, then go in" (9) | Link to this comment | 01- 9-18 11:54 AM
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That was cool to watch. It does feel like a great implementation of the "how many five year olds?" question.

Posted by: Mooseking | Link to this comment | 01- 9-18 2:56 PM
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It's not a true test unless you can grab one of the five year old by an ankle and use it as a weapon against the others.

Posted by: Chopper | Link to this comment | 01-11-18 1:39 PM
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