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In fact, I wrote that in my calendar, which I've kept since I was three.

As one does.

Posted by: heebie-geebie | Link to this comment | 10- 2-18 7:20 AM
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Racist. Probably.

Posted by: Flippanter | Link to this comment | 10- 2-18 7:45 AM
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I remember Robert Wright making an argument that Jeremy Lin's greatness as a point guard had something to do with Asian culture. For a person that doesn't normally seem to be a complete idiot Robert Wright has made some of the most impressively stupid arguments ever.

Posted by: peep | Link to this comment | 10- 2-18 7:47 AM
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Robert Wright! There's a name I haven't heard in a long time.

Posted by: Walt Someguy | Link to this comment | 10- 2-18 7:48 AM
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Re the NBA season, I will soon have to decide retroactively whether I've been a Cleveland Cavaliers fan or a Lebron James fan the last few years.

Posted by: peep | Link to this comment | 10- 2-18 7:50 AM
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4: Now that he's a Buddhist, maybe he doesn't feel the need to work so hard to keep his name in the news.

Posted by: peep | Link to this comment | 10- 2-18 7:53 AM
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I remember saying Lin was probably still going to be a backup long term, but I must have said that to my dad in a conversation that of course I thoroughly documented because it looks like I used the previous thread to comment about Steve Nash and identifying talent in players from smaller schools. I'd probably use Curry as an example today.

Posted by: fake accent | Link to this comment | 10- 2-18 8:03 AM
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They may have been right, but were they justifiably right? Did they predict Steph Curry's breakout? (Maybe that's an outlier, I'm going on very little information.)

Posted by: Minivet | Link to this comment | 10- 2-18 8:07 AM
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Skimming, I think my comments from the previous thread hold up well.

I've had less time and attention for the NBA over the last couple of seasons but going into this year I'm curious about (1) how things play out for both Kawhi and San Antonio, (2) how the BOS/PHI race places out (though, I admit, I'm curious about both teams but not personally excited about either of them), (3) can the Jazz live up to the hype, and (4) is anybody from this rookie class other than Doncic going to be good this season?

Posted by: NickS | Link to this comment | 10- 2-18 8:30 AM
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Lin will be a perennial NBA all-star for years to come, and remembered as one of the best point guards of his generation. Don't understand why that isn't obvious to anyone who has been watching him. Do people not watch enough NBA games to understand how unusual this kind of sustained performance is

So smug and so totally wrong! We miss you, PGD!

Posted by: peep | Link to this comment | 10- 2-18 8:37 AM
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I'm too confident and well-centered in my sense of self to gloat but here is the Basketball Reference career "similarity" list for Jeremy Lin:

George Senesky
O.J. Mayo
Jerry Sichting
Vincent Askew
Lionel Hollins
Jodie Meeks
Chris Childs
Carlos Delfino
Darwin Cook
Maurice Evans

Also a quick fun Linsanity retrospective.

Posted by: JP Stormcrow | Link to this comment | 10- 2-18 11:15 AM
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but are you going to ugly-cry over the calendar?

Posted by: alameida | Link to this comment | 10- 4-18 5:55 PM
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