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It's better: on zoom, the "Computer Used to Analyze Data" article is a sidebar to the Action Park article!

It took three months for the Labor Department to provide the Asbury Park Press with a computerized version of the public records it maintains on amusement park accidents in New Jersey. The department at first said no computerized records were available, then relented and finally delivered them last month.
To analyze the data, the Press used a personal computer. The records included 784 injuries from 1992 through early June 1995. Details included injury dates, ride names, ride type, riders' names and age ranges, and what caused the injury.

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"To analyze the data, the Press used a personal computer."

An electric thinking machine!

I am irresistibly reminded of the early episodes of The Wire; typewriters, pagers, drink driving, routine violence during interviews and so on. I think I've mentioned before that I was convinced it was a kind of Life on Mars period piece set in the late 70s until they started referring to 9/11.

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