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Just makes me so proud to be an American. The worst of it is that probably no more than 10% of it is on the Trump Administration. Most of this shit has been going on for God knows how long.

Posted by: DaveLHI | Link to this comment | 09-15-20 2:40 PM
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The fact that the immigrants I know and work with consider themselves incredibly lucky to have come to the US and built lives here is sometimes the only thing keeping my faith in this country going.

Posted by: Psychoceramicist | Link to this comment | 09-15-20 4:18 PM
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And yet, he has generous and insightful things to say about America!

And, in fact, generous things to say about the American legal system.

Posted by: politicalfootball | Link to this comment | 09-15-20 5:51 PM
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This is so not even close to the worst thing, but this brought me up short:

The indictment, Asgari was astonished to learn, wasn't his only legal problem: his visa hadn't been stamped at J.F.K., most likely because it wasn't a real visa. "Unwitting silent parole" allows the F.B.I. to issue foreign nationals a document that looks to them like a visa but in fact grants them permission to enter the country only for the Bureau's purposes. Once those purposes are served, the F.B.I. is required to hand the foreign national over to ice for removal.

If you apply for a visa, they can give you a document that looks like a visa but isn't without telling you, and then deport you for being in the country without a real visa? Amazing.

The subject of the story sounds like a terrific guy, and the US government is a nightmare of human rights violation.

Posted by: LizardBreath | Link to this comment | 09-16-20 5:33 AM
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That was a well written & interesting story -- thanks for suggesting it!

And yeah, LB's 4 was a shock to me to... I guess it makes sense along the lines of "the police are allowed to lie to you", but blaming people for accepting government issued documents that look like they're valid, but secretly aren't. That seems particularly low.

Posted by: Mooseking | Link to this comment | 09-17-20 10:16 AM
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