Re: Yeah, He Works at the Krispy Kreme


The killing kittens thing comes from fark as far as I know. All of their boobie posts (linking to the requisite plasticized blonde bimbo) elicit posts playing with the theme of killing kittens. It wasn't originally supposed to make masturbating less desirable. In fact, it had the opposite intent; since there's nothing wrong with masturbation the "killing kittens" was used in jest, and most likely in reference to the doomsday warnings anti-masturbation groups.

These idiots don't understand that and are appropriating a part of pop culture (is fark really pop culture *shudders*) for their idiotic ends. Of course XXX church is nothing but a bad ripoff of pop culture anyway, so this is about average for them.

Posted by: Andrew Cholakian | Link to this comment | 05-21-04 2:38 PM
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man, even I don't know where to find hardcore midget porn.

Posted by: Michael | Link to this comment | 05-22-04 1:23 AM
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Google does.

Posted by: apostropher | Link to this comment | 05-22-04 9:09 AM
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