Re: Oh, Those Things


During the run of "Star Trek: Voyager" a friend referred to the character played by Jeri Ryan not as "7 of 9" but rather as "Two of Large."

Posted by: rc | Link to this comment | 06-25-04 3:28 PM
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Well, the corset she wore as part of the 7 of 9 costume helped to accentuate those features. I mean, I'm not much of a breast man, but it was difficult to take my eyes off them, especially when the plots were less than distracting.

And what's sick about appreciating the female form? It's not as though I sat there drooling. Not all the time....

Posted by: AkiZ | Link to this comment | 06-26-04 5:43 PM
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I rather liked the nickname "36 of D", myself.

Posted by: Seth Gordon | Link to this comment | 06-28-04 8:45 AM
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