Re: f-911


Thanks. Going to try to see it tomorrow.

Posted by: ogged | Link to this comment | 06-25-04 11:48 PM
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Moore didn't mention that Saddam was bad? What an oversight. I have never before heard anyone condemn Saddam. Very insightful.

Posted by: Mike | Link to this comment | 06-26-04 2:52 PM
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Try it:

Moore is doing the same as 'Hondo' with Fahrenheit 911, except they (read Dean-Green leftists) see Moore as a Sage and intellectual for correctly picking 'their card'.

He's pissing on his cult-followers and they are thankful for the rain.

Moore is a liar and manipulator.

I'd love to hear a contrast/debate between Moore and Wretchard here in the fogland


Posted by: abc123 | Link to this comment | 06-26-04 5:50 PM
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WTF does Saddam have to do with anything? What did he have to do with 9/11 or the rationale for going to war with Iraq?

As the old saying goes, the opposite of a bad man is not a good man, but a different kind of bad man. (Yes, George W. Bush, I'm looking at you.)

(PS >> I don't care for Moore's style either, but, as Billmon notes, he knows how to play the game. That's how representative democracy works.)

Posted by: tcb or tcb3 | Link to this comment | 06-27-04 8:10 AM
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