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above said:

a villian that they have a good chance of catching or killing.


That was Saddam (Usama is dead).

Saddam was/is/has been the easy win.

W was wise to put his toe in the water first with an easy win.

If the anti-'w's win, as they seem to be doing, then the message to the 3rd and 4th world is to support winners: DON'T OPPOSE DICTATORS, DON'T expect help from the 1st world.

Pay Kofi, bend over for Allah. Bribe, bribe, guns.

The watermelon left (green outside, red to the core) and the Duke right (KKK, hemp-is almost hang) have figured out how to beat stupid Americans.

The left and 'right' analogy is on target.

Don't forget that neocon means anti-watermelon and anti-Duke.

Saddam shoould have been removed prior to 911.

The UN should have been moved to Belgium in 1979.

THE CHOICE BEFORE WAS Carter vs. Reagan/Thatcher.

The choice now is Kerry-Chanberlain vs. W.

Ironic and pathetic...


Posted by: abc123 | Link to this comment | 06-27-04 8:17 PM
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Why not just stop wasting our time and blame it all on Emanuel Goldstein already?

Posted by: Maynard Handley | Link to this comment | 06-27-04 11:00 PM
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abc123, did you just invent a whole world?

Posted by: ogged | Link to this comment | 06-28-04 12:03 AM
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Damn, Maynard beat me to it.

I get the sense that they have no idea how the terrorist acts in Iraq are being coordinated, because they've said as much and because they're not really stopping any of it.

As for the whole "this way, if they catch him it will be a bigger propaganda victory" thing, well that's true, but - (a) i still prefer truth, and (b) that's a pretty big 'if' with the Bush admin.

Posted by: EH | Link to this comment | 06-28-04 1:58 AM
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