Re: You're Cured! And Have Two Weeks to Live


If it doesn't cure the headache, it isn't curing the part of the hangover that puts me down for the count. Then again, the headline called it an "unlikely" hangover cure. Yes, unlikely to be of much use to me. I particularly liked this one: Zacny said hangovers might be a kind of protective device to keep us from doing something we shouldn't do -- such as driving or operating a band saw.

Every time I'm dry heaving with a splitting headache, running a band saw is always high on my list of preferred activities.

Posted by: apostropher | Link to this comment | 06-28-04 6:19 PM
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But if you can beat the nausea, then you can keep down the aspirin/tylenol/morphine that it takes to ease the headache, no?

Posted by: Mitch Mills | Link to this comment | 06-28-04 8:27 PM
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My big complaint is that it has to be taken before drinking. Hangovers and hindsight: perfect together.

Posted by: FL | Link to this comment | 06-28-04 9:23 PM
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So just take it everyday . . .

Posted by: Mitch Mills | Link to this comment | 06-29-04 12:16 PM
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