Re: Kerry-Edwards


Damn. Get outta my brain. I posted just about the same thing.

Posted by: sexualchocolate | Link to this comment | 07- 6-04 5:20 PM
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I thought it was stuffy in here. And what's with the suspiciously young-looking girls in bathing suits?

Posted by: ogged | Link to this comment | 07- 6-04 5:32 PM
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O: he ran on what was really a social justice message,


The same BS that has trapped several generations of blacks to poverty and loserness.

1. He's a trial lawyer. That is bad. That might be the biggest problem with health care costs.

2. He comes from nothing but whines about the divide between rich and nothing. I come from nothing and am happy to troll leftist blogs. A politician and a trial lawyer he is.

W is the only real Democrat running.

Posted by: abc123 | Link to this comment | 07- 6-04 7:28 PM
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