Re: Not An Arms Race, Exactly


i'm so disappointed, you guys.

Posted by: belle | Link to this comment | 07-10-04 1:07 AM
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I'm naked right now.

Posted by: Bob | Link to this comment | 07-10-04 12:22 PM
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Not an arms race? A butt-race? Thigh race? Pec race? See who can mess up a classic most race?

Posted by: Jason | Link to this comment | 07-10-04 2:19 PM
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Because the first thing I think when I think "Isaac Asimov's most famous short stories" is "naked Will Smith."

The tv ads are equally well-targeted to the title demographic. The first thing I think when I think "Three Laws of Robotics puzzle stories" is "masses of killer robots."

Why bother to pay to use the title if the primary benefit will be to enrage those who recognize it?

Why didn't Peter Jackson think of this, and star Will Smith as a rapping hobbit whose street-smart Frodo outwits Sauron The Man? With a big smack-down fight with Frodo beating the crap out of Sauron at the end?

And, of course, nude scenes. It would have rocked.

Posted by: Gary Farber | Link to this comment | 07-12-04 9:13 PM
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