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I flirt with pacifism, but bumper stickers like that make me wonder whether violence is the answer sometimes. What do you do when someone has completely shut off his faculties for thought? Talk to him? Or beat the living shit out of him?

Perhaps my Friday confession this week will be that on Election Day, I want to ask everyone who they voted for, and if they voted for Bush, I want to beat them to within an inch of their lives.

Yeah, sorry to degrade the national discourse in this way.

Posted by: Adam Kotsko | Link to this comment | 08-15-04 1:53 PM
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I'm glad the Dems nominated Kerry instead of Dean. Even better would've been Lieberman. The country needs a boring president again.

Posted by: Bob | Link to this comment | 08-15-04 2:03 PM
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Fantastic sticker. I'll be purchasing one to put on my SUV.

Posted by: ronnie | Link to this comment | 08-16-04 9:54 AM
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What's th e Atlantic article say that's relevant?

I don't believe the sticker myself (I think Al Qaeda-ites love bush because he'sa great recruiting tool), but the Atlantic article is available only to subscribers, so I can't tell what the countervailing info is.


Posted by: keef | Link to this comment | 08-16-04 10:22 PM
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