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Sure. The American sprinters acted like real dicks.

Posted by: Michael | Link to this comment | 08-23-04 12:08 AM
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As someone who's chosen sport of interest is politics, and who -- pray forgive me -- has essentially nil interest in athletics -- not that there's anything wrong with it! -- and who therefore is only interested in news out of the Olympics that is otherwise news, rather than about medals or timing or sports achievement (sorry), I find it inordinately annoying -- though not in the least bit surprising -- that according to the nightly NBC news broadcast (and all other NBC news broadcasts), the Olympics are -- remarkably! -- consistently, night after night, the most important news of the day, and worth taking half or so of the entire "news" broadcast to cover. Strangely, the other networks manage to keep the sports coverage to under two minutes a night.

I'm entirely sure that this is simply a decision of the NBC News division, and is entirely objective and unrelated to any commerical motivation whatsoever. I believe in their commitment to news!

Oh, damn, that pig flying out of my butt was painful.

Posted by: Gary Farber | Link to this comment | 08-23-04 7:42 PM
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Posted by: [redacted] | Link to this comment | 08-23-04 8:13 PM
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Pretty nervy to go on vacation and then complain about my choice of blog topics...

That said, agreed on the 400, and concede, in the strongest possible terms, that every time Walsh slaps May's ass, it's hot.

Posted by: ogged | Link to this comment | 08-23-04 8:22 PM
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I'm still annoyed that Women's Floor Routine can't decide if it's dance or gymnastics. And it seems to me that women score categorically lower than man in gymnastics, and I wonder why this is. And more ridiculous than the almost negligent women's outfits are all the sexual positions women gymnasts have to assume. It hurts my back just watching.

Posted by: Michael | Link to this comment | 08-23-04 9:06 PM
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Michael, you're not supposed to mimic them. Sheesh.

Posted by: ogged | Link to this comment | 08-23-04 10:37 PM
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Luckily, Iranian gymnast Nassim Hassanpour is able to compete in the Olympics fully covered. Unfortunately, while she is a trained gymnast she is competing in the 10 meter air pistol category.

Seriously, if you think the female gymnast outfits are 'almost negligent' you must not have seen the beach volleyball, or have been on a beach lately.

Posted by: Tripp | Link to this comment | 08-24-04 8:34 AM
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I did mean women's outfits generally speaking, though that may be too broad.

Posted by: Michael | Link to this comment | 08-24-04 9:23 AM
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