Re: Try Not to Stare


you have to expect this now that you're a blogging celeb.

Posted by: bryan | Link to this comment | 09-19-04 1:38 AM
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The easy availability of internet pornography has probably led more men to check out every real penis they can find, to reassure themselves that they're not all that big.

Posted by: Adam Kotsko | Link to this comment | 09-19-04 8:20 AM
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Posted by: [redacted] | Link to this comment | 09-19-04 9:38 AM
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omg! like idk wtf u all r talkin about!! it's not like u r that big man is y don't u stop being a faggot and learn to talk about gilrs... yeah umm, thanx!!

Posted by: Erica | Link to this comment | 03-25-05 1:15 PM
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It's really a struggle for me to keep myself from checking out the naked girls. I do it sometimes, but I try to keep it on the DL and not be obvious about it.

Posted by: Tia | Link to this comment | 02-22-06 2:54 PM
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