Re: What Else Can You Show Me?


Power begets power. It's the oldest damn story in human history. The idea that Americans are somehow more genetically virtuous and less prone to corruption, repression, fascism, etc. than any other society is simply insane. We're a one-party state; there's no power struggle anymore to keep the government honest. What's worse is that one faction, the conservative movement, has taken over the ruling party completely. No checks and balances means the movement becomes more entrenched more rapidly. It's expanding corporate power, chipping away at our judicial recourse and our ability to dissent, aggressively pushing forward a vision of cultural purity, and keeping our country in a constant state of emergency and fear.

I mean, you do the math. But we ain't in the twentieth century no more; that era's dead forever.

Posted by: Joey Dee | Link to this comment | 12- 7-04 9:44 AM
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