Re: And What Else?


Places'll be clogged with hipstrons, at least in the beginning. Mark my words.

Posted by: ben w-lfs-n | Link to this comment | 12- 7-04 10:46 AM
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I agree. But sustainable?

Posted by: ogged | Link to this comment | 12- 7-04 10:47 AM
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Oooh, perhaps I've finally found the people to pitch my "milk preflavored with the bottom-of-the-box crumbs of your favorite cereal" idea to!

I'd stop into their place to by some of the above (Apple Jax Flavor please) but not just for an ordinary bowl of the damn stuff.

Posted by: rufus | Link to this comment | 12- 7-04 5:51 PM
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Mark my words. This will totally pick up in New York. It's the American home of foods you can eat on the street, like pizza and bagels. Just think, you can have dinner and dessert at the very same time and you don't even have to tip.

Posted by: Claudia | Link to this comment | 12- 8-04 10:31 AM
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Yeah, the trendoids who now line up around the block for overpriced cupcakes will eat that sh*t up. But like Ogged said, I don't think it will last too long.

I can't wait for pizza restaurants that "deliver" the pizza to your table in a cardboard box and you have to pay and tip the waiter right there. Each booth will have a telephone to call your order in to the kitchen, and coupons you can redeem right there (attached to a used pizza box). Also couch seating and a television set.

Posted by: Mitch Mills | Link to this comment | 12- 8-04 4:10 PM
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There are already restaurants that deliver some of their food in Chinese-food takeout/delivery boxes.

Posted by: ben w-lfs-n | Link to this comment | 12- 8-04 5:01 PM
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Ok i just wanted to inform people one of my roomates has a friend who has been for awhile starting another cereal cafe.. Its called The Cereal Bowl

Two Cereal Places = sick

Posted by: Phil | Link to this comment | 01-26-05 5:42 PM
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