Re: Outrage! Guffaw? Time For Bed.


i hate instahack but that is most assuredly a joke although not a particularly good 'un. im not exactly sure why you thinks it bespeaks of bad judgement or a tin ear. hes not a politician just a wanker pundit. who is he offending, kos? i think kos has larger concerns than that.

Posted by: whole ass | Link to this comment | 01-20-05 6:05 AM
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Obviously a joke, and one that would have been met with "boo-yahs" and high-fives all around had it been uttered in the dorm room of a freshman. For a grown man, and a university professor, puerile and pathetic.

Posted by: ktheintz | Link to this comment | 01-20-05 7:31 AM
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It's the whole problem with the internets and typing stuff out. Unless something is really funny or really wry and witty, it comes across as serious. Like cartooning, you have to exagerrate so people understand exactly what is going on.

Posted by: tweedledopey | Link to this comment | 01-20-05 9:00 AM
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puerile and pathetic.

You say that like it's a bad thing.


Posted by: Tripp | Link to this comment | 01-20-05 9:43 AM
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See the Look Out Below thread to compare Gary Farber's and my reactions to a recent Walcott comment which may or may not be an underexaggerated joke.

Posted by: rilkefan | Link to this comment | 01-20-05 9:58 AM
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I understand that it was a joke, but since Insty actually does dishonestly misrepresent stuff all the time, there aren't really the kind of flags that would usually suggest that such-and-such a statement should be taken as a joke.

Posted by: Toadmonster | Link to this comment | 01-20-05 1:13 PM
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ok, joke....but, once you click the link, what's the joke? It's like a mobius joke. The joke hinges its humor on two readings of the Kos passage, but when you look at it, there's only one reading.

It was snarky, cheap, and thoughtless...Glenn's just doing a peachy job of representing his profession.

Posted by: Michael | Link to this comment | 01-20-05 1:26 PM
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