Re: Strange Sights on the Roads


A ... Mac mini?

Posted by: ben w-lfs-n doesn't know from cars | Link to this comment | 03-20-05 7:21 AM
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Here's an even more important question: is it legal anywhere in the country to discriminate in renting residential property on the basis of political party affiliation? Let's say you list in your ad that you don't discriminate based on the categories listed by HUD, but, in the next sentence, write "no republicans need apply," or something similar.

Posted by: Jonathan | Link to this comment | 03-20-05 7:54 AM
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Jonathan, that seems to depend on where you are.

Posted by: ogged | Link to this comment | 03-20-05 9:42 AM
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a pizza delivery driver in a BMW! classic.

Posted by: jessica | Link to this comment | 03-20-05 10:50 AM
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I love the idea of the minis, but looking into the next lane and seeing an Excursion's hubcap strikes me as a turnoff.

Posted by: Ezra | Link to this comment | 03-20-05 4:06 PM
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I was one of four kids brought up in a household where the only car was a mini (original). Except for a brief period where we had an equally tiny Fiat 127. My mum called it Bessie. It was great.

Nowadays my buddies in New York buy enormous Ford SUVs with kid-distracting video screens as soon as they become pregnant.

Posted by: billyfrombelfast | Link to this comment | 03-20-05 4:18 PM
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You mean one like this?

Are they not that common in USA? You still see them around all over the place over here. But then, we Aussies tend to like our little cars! ;o)

You still see the original VW bugs around too.


Posted by: OLS | Link to this comment | 03-20-05 9:20 PM
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That's great. The other day I saw the bum who begs on the corner dining in a café I can't even dream of affording. I think it's time for a career change.

Posted by: Emily | Link to this comment | 03-23-05 11:23 AM
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