Re: Scientists are such jerks


In the coal mine?

Posted by: ben w-lfs-n | Link to this comment | 04-11-05 12:00 PM
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It's not clear to me that "selection" is the apt word here.

Which clearly undermines the aesthetic choice. Absent a range of available choice for a variety of aesthetics, we lose.

Also, my butter on my popcorn grows cold, which mandates a symposium on the proper type of butter on popcorn (no, just an answer, really).

(As someone who grew up in Brooklyn in the Sixties, no one can con me into buying great significance into graffitti on transit or elsewhere, although I will admire nicely constructive bridges., built and sold, as well as the aesthetic positives of well done graffitti.)

Very buttery, thanks.

Posted by: Gary Farber | Link to this comment | 04-12-05 12:46 AM
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I'm a little confused. So scientists are now responsible for the graffiti in museum restrooms?

It also seems a little peculiar to berate scientists (or the people who excrete in museum restrooms) for being hostile to the anti-science faction in our current administration. What are we supposed to do, looked dazed and hurt and whimper about how George doesn't wuv us anymore, but we wanna hug and kiss him anyway?

Posted by: PZ Myers | Link to this comment | 04-12-05 10:32 AM
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Yeah, the graffiti in the Warsaw ghetto bathrooms were probably not too kind to Hitler either.

Posted by: Matt Weiner | Link to this comment | 04-12-05 12:09 PM
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