Re: Self-Criticism


For something titled a "one sentence translator," her sure uses two or even three sentences a lot.

Posted by: Chopper | Link to this comment | 05-19-05 2:19 PM
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the norman mailer translator is particularly good. I agree -- it is irreverent and doesn't suck at all. Huff may be a more interesting person than I had thought.

Posted by: text | Link to this comment | 05-19-05 2:22 PM
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If only Harry Shearer's entries were more like Le Show in text-only form.

They are better if you imagine him speaking them aloud.

Posted by: ben w-lfs-n | Link to this comment | 05-19-05 2:23 PM
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You know, the thing is pretty damn good. It's the most in-fighting group blog I've yet seen, on levels trivial, satirical, and legitimately combative. There is a hint that maybe there will be actual conservative voices on the thing too, but there's a long way to go before parity is established on that score. Don't allow the benefit to redound on Huffington, though: everyone is speaking with his/her own voice.

Posted by: diddy | Link to this comment | 05-19-05 3:46 PM
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But Huffington had the ability to get them all together, and the fact that she has set up a legitimately trivial, combative forum demonstrates a likelihood that (a) she desired such, and (b) she had the restraint to allow it to happen.

To desire such makes her -- I don't know -- more mineshaft worthy than I would have thought. I also wouldn't have thought she had the restraint to keep from guiding it one way or another.

So she should get some credit.

Posted by: text | Link to this comment | 05-19-05 3:54 PM
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So, basically, now the gig is to have a blog staffed with [famous] people obsessed with the blog (but not blogging).



Posted by: ash | Link to this comment | 05-19-05 5:21 PM
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