Re: This Improbable Connection


I liked that. Why is it that good writers are so oftern rotten (or at least absent) parents? You'd think the writing schedule would allow for some time with kids.

Not in that the writing schedule would be lax, but in that you can do it from home, at your own hours, etc.

Is Updike a good dad? I don't know.

Posted by: text | Link to this comment | 06-14-05 11:14 AM
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Adam Bellows' dad was an asshole. Five marriages. The first four marriages involving a single kid followed by divorce. WTF.

Another asshole. The buddha. You are married pal. Go back to the wife and kids. Get enlightened on the weekends.

Posted by: Joe O | Link to this comment | 06-14-05 12:35 PM
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Adam Bellows' dad was an asshole to my dad.

Posted by: ben w-lfs-n | Link to this comment | 06-14-05 12:36 PM
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Joe O -- Thank you!!!! Finally, someone says what needs to be said about The Buddha!

I mean, leaving your wife and kids to make paintings of Tahitian women is one thing, potentially defensible ex post. But doing so simply to invent some boring and pretentious religion is crap.

Posted by: pjs | Link to this comment | 06-14-05 12:49 PM
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