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What counts as plastic surgery?

As in all things, one can go too far, and then one can go far too far.

I'm no plastic surgery evangelist,, have none done, don't intend to, don't have a financial stake or whatever.

But botox done right certainly seems to do a good job of making people stay looking younger, while a boob lift can not just keep time standing still but shift it backwards a little. Let's just mention that "vaginal rejuvenation" exists, works, is more common than you might think (eg is not uncommonly engaged in after giving birth as part of the general cleanup) and leave it at that.

I suspect the problem is not so much plastic surgery as a class, but the specific operation of face lifts. These still seem to be problematic, and the truth, for anyone who wants to stay looking young, remains as true as it was fifty years ago --- avoid the sun AGGRESSIVELY.

(Of course the "try to turn yourself white and convert every curve on your face into a sharp angle" sequence of operations is also somewhat experimental and not to be recommended.)

Posted by: Maynard Handley | Link to this comment | 07- 2-05 1:28 PM
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It was Pulp Fiction. It was Marvin, right before Vincent shoots him ("Man, I shot Marvin in the face!"), but Marvin wasn't begging for his life.

Posted by: bg | Link to this comment | 07- 2-05 9:59 PM
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