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>UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds has pointed out some reasons for optimism that I have missed and they certainly are heartening. I have been so family-focused that I admit I've been lagging behind in my newsreading. That's all helpful stuff.

Posted by: Joe O | Link to this comment | 08-24-05 1:01 PM
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I think she blames it all on, like, "the press." As a representative or alumnus of said fourth estate, I accept full responsibility for whatever the hell she was going on about.

Man, she needs to find herself a good conservative man to soothe those jangled nerves. Salt Lake City, here she comes!

Posted by: peter snees | Link to this comment | 08-24-05 1:25 PM
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Beyond Good and Evil was about spreading the light of democracy?

I gotta get my money back from my philosophy professors.

Posted by: Cala | Link to this comment | 08-24-05 1:30 PM
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"All around the globe, there was a spirit of something that felt a lot like the Will to Power."

What's funny is: this could be taken as an accurate assessment, if you consider aggressive war making an embodiment of Nietzsche's WTP.

Posted by: text | Link to this comment | 08-24-05 2:52 PM
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You know, I sorta agree with the commenter who explains how important "The Will" is to fighting a war. Then he tries to rally our will to fight.

The problem he doesn't see is that people's will to fight is generally much higher when they are fighting on their own soil.

Imagine how we would be fighting if it was some other country controlling America? And yes, yes, I know about 9/11, but that was years ago and there is nothing like seeing the enemy soldiers daily on your city streets to pump up the old will.

Posted by: Tripp | Link to this comment | 08-24-05 2:59 PM
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