Re: A Real Defense of Affirmative Action


Absofrickinlutely. It's funny how we just dance and dance and dance around that issue. The Dahlia Lithwick/W Dellinger discussion at Slate has a similar/related point about honesty re affirmative action.

Posted by: Balasubramania's Mania | Link to this comment | 06-24-03 1:05 PM
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Affirmative action is still immoral because it is anti-merit. Our responsibility is to the human merit of today, not the unknown inheritances of the nameless dead. Therefore we should be anti-affirmative action and anti-quota, not try to compete in terms of whose ancestors have suffered, as if the suffering of the long-dead were a value.

Posted by: john s bolton | Link to this comment | 04-18-04 1:42 AM
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