Re: Beaten with his own idiot stick.


That guy is using 'indie' to mean non-über blockbuster. Those movies have all been made by major studios! He wouldn't know a real indie movie if it bit him in the ass.

Also, Star Wars Ep. III deserved an Oscar? Oy.

Posted by: Matt F | Link to this comment | 02- 5-06 12:49 AM
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Oy indeed. Shakespeare in Love counts as an indie? I think by 'indie' he means not only non-über blockbuster, but 'manly action flick, except Gladiator, because Russell Crowe wore a tunic miniskirt.'

Thesis: Hollywood's most artistically successful movies have never mirrored the American mainstream. Rhett Butler said 'damn'!

Posted by: Cala | Link to this comment | 02- 5-06 6:23 AM
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