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That is so fantastic.

Posted by: Joe Drymala | Link to this comment | 03-10-06 2:44 PM
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I saw some great kinkade-cthulhu mashups not so very long ago, and now cannot find them. If anyone knows where they are, please link.

This would make such an unbelievably great artist biopic:

Painter of Light, starring, uhhh, Burt Reynolds!

Trailer: VO: In a world where tigertamers flaunt their codpieces and franchise gallery owners are quick to sue, an artist struggles to keep faith with his vision: a vision of factories, factories churning out great streams of cottages, lighthouses, gazebos! and of a love, a love of peeing in public places, a love that could not be denied!

I'd buy the dvd.

Posted by: mcmc | Link to this comment | 03-10-06 5:03 PM
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I note that my comment and T Burke's on the post below were made 3 minutes apart, and both allude to Cthulhu. Can it be the Old Ones are stirring?

Posted by: | Link to this comment | 03-10-06 5:16 PM
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Possibly at one of Something Awful's two Kinkade Photoshop Phridays?

Posted by: ben w-lfs-n | Link to this comment | 03-10-06 5:22 PM
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Yes, Something Awful: Part I and Part II

Posted by: My Alter Ego | Link to this comment | 03-10-06 5:24 PM
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his mother and [wife] Nanette

I thought that was illegal in every state.

Posted by: The Modesto Kid | Link to this comment | 03-10-06 5:44 PM
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I remember seeing a piece on Kinkade on 60 Minutes or somesuch and it was soooooo obvious, despite the postitive tone of the coverage, that he was an incredibly manipulative prick who thought his (buying) audience was a bunch of morons.

Particularly grating was the image of him, ostentatiously bored and uncaring, signing a huge stack of "his" paintings (they were prints which a host of employees had added a few highlights to; why isn't he known as "The Painter of (high)Light(s)?) so that they could be sold to collectors/rubes at an even higher mark-up. The "It's an investment!" rhetoric would shame even the most dead-ender Beanie-Baby evangelists.

He has also managed to insinuate himself into the "Christian Values" crowd, to great success. I think the idea is that if you can surround yourself and your family with things "wholesome" enough, you'll protect yourself from all of the scary problems in this here world. It's designer talismans, really.

Posted by: M/tch M/lls | Link to this comment | 03-11-06 1:59 AM
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The LA Times story also points out that Kinkade once pissed on Winnie the Pooh—almost as good as heckling S&R.

Posted by: greg | Link to this comment | 03-11-06 6:21 AM
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i'm so tempted to send this to my mother...but it might shatter her worldview...

Ah, what's a (semi) good daughter to do?

Posted by: cheerylilgoth | Link to this comment | 03-13-06 7:11 AM
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