Re: Please doctor, I'm damaged.


Watch the Keith Richards video here. (Scroll down, no direct link.) More I cannot say.

Posted by: Tia | Link to this comment | 04-30-06 9:14 AM
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That first link is so terrifying, especially given that he used to look like this.

Aww, so cute.

Posted by: dagger aleph | Link to this comment | 04-30-06 10:10 AM
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I tried climbing a coconut palm today. It ain't easy and I say kudos to Keef for getting half-way. Also props for finishing his luxury holiday before going to hospital - shows that even the extraordinarily rich and addled want to get their money's worth.
I'm betting a roady stuck his noggin back together with gaffer tape. That's what I would do.

Posted by: Anthony | Link to this comment | 04-30-06 11:07 AM
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I remember reading a description of a character whose skin was gray and elephantlike and I couldn't picture it at all, thinking it was too fantastical for the tone of the rest of the book, at the time. And then I clicked on that link, lo these many years later, and I understand.

Posted by: ac | Link to this comment | 04-30-06 11:27 AM
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The first link's broken. (And the comments feature autoconverts l33t speak?)

Posted by: Josh | Link to this comment | 04-30-06 11:39 AM
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First link works for me -- it's a popup. But try this.

Posted by: Matt Weiner | Link to this comment | 04-30-06 11:42 AM
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The first link is malformed.

Posted by: ben w-lfs-n | Link to this comment | 04-30-06 11:44 AM
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Posted by: apostropher | Link to this comment | 04-30-06 12:21 PM
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Good on him for climbing trees. I still do too.

Posted by: Mr. B | Link to this comment | 04-30-06 12:35 PM
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Please tell me that first picture was photoshopped.

Posted by: Jackmormon | Link to this comment | 04-30-06 1:39 PM
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I'm kind of hoping the picture is of someone at a costume party wearing a Keith Richards rubber mask. Or maybe dressed as a Japanese coal miner?

Posted by: M/tch M/lls | Link to this comment | 04-30-06 5:59 PM
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My friends and I used to joke that Keith Richards is already dead, and they've long since been posing his embalmed corpse in various locations. But it's only funny if it isn't actually true.

Posted by: Doctor Slack | Link to this comment | 05- 2-06 2:11 AM
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