Re: Nietzsche, Sleep, and Pills


nietzsche would also have warned us to remember that any given perspective we choose is exactly that - chosen. we have to run the strange course of truly *believing* in whatever we choose to believe, while remembering that we constructed that belief in the first place. it's a very decentering position.

Posted by: kim | Link to this comment | 05-10-03 3:49 PM
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Right. This difficult choosing/believing (a big part of Heidegger's project, btw) is what I was trying to get at by saying it's impossible to live in limbo. There is no such thing as not choosing (since that's a choice, yadda yadda) but it's difficult to understand what it could mean to believe in something that we know could very well be otherwise.

Posted by: ogged | Link to this comment | 05-10-03 9:25 PM
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a part of which heidegger project - any in particular, or strains throughout his works as a whole? trying to locate your comment...

Posted by: kim | Link to this comment | 05-11-03 2:10 PM
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A part of Heidegger's project insofar as from Augenblick in Being and Time through Ereignis in the late writings, and by means of "resoluteness" (early) and "releasement" (late), Heidegger is trying to describe the process by way of which we grasp our own situatedness in such a way that lets our future course also becomes clear (I'm not entirely happy with putting it that way, but it will have to do).

It's not strictly choosing/believing because "releasement," as a pretty mysterious "active passivity," isn't quite the same as choosing and because Ereignis (most recent translation: "en-owning") isn't the same as believing. But it's an articulation of the same problem.

Posted by: ogged | Link to this comment | 05-11-03 9:39 PM
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