Re: Dean and Electability


I like Kerry and Dean both and would rally behind either one, should he get the nod. But I have questions about the either man's chances in a general election, just because I suspect both are likely to get their asses handed to them in the South.

I understand folks' reservations about Edwards (which are legitimate), but to me he still looks like the guy in the field most likely to pick off Bush, unless Wesley Clark climbs down off the fence and declares his candidacy.

Posted by: apostropher | Link to this comment | 07-15-03 1:13 PM
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I'd be interested to see the math on the southern ass-handing factor. Anyone seen an article that did a good job with this? Are southerners just so dim-witted they can only vote for someone with a drawl?

I hope you're wrong about Edwards, Apostropher. It would be sad to see someone so unaccomplished become the standard-bearer. And there's reason to think you might be wrong -- wouldn't Mr. E. get his arms handed to him on national security?

Posted by: Magik | Link to this comment | 07-15-03 1:48 PM
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