Re: I know whyat the Chicagoans should do


Is that the Polish boxer who fights dirty?

Posted by: John Emerson | Link to this comment | 06- 1-07 4:52 AM
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Wow. It seems a capella at U of C is vastly different from the UVA version:

The group was founded in 1988 when a couple of friends at the University of Virginia got together and said, "Hey, let's sing other people's songs without instruments, and wear robes while we do it". So they did. And they still do.

Ben: making me a proud Chicago native and a shameful UVA denier.

Posted by: Stanley | Link to this comment | 06- 1-07 7:39 AM
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Actually, with Mucca Pazza and Aleks and the Drummer as the main bands that night, it could be worth a look. Unfortunately, they're competing with Prefuse 73's DJ set at Sonotheque.

Am I supposed to as myself "What Would Ben Do?" everytime I run into a concert conflict from now on?

Posted by: JAC | Link to this comment | 06- 1-07 7:50 AM
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They seem so tiny in that picture. Are we sure they're not pint-sized in real life? Because if they are, that would *definitely* be worth a trip.

Posted by: NCProsecutor | Link to this comment | 06- 1-07 8:41 AM
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The band isn't actually affiliated with the university.

Posted by: ben w-lfs-n | Link to this comment | 06- 1-07 10:51 AM
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